Field Day is Thursday! Many of the kids like to wear bandanas to go with their shirts. Turquoise bandanas can be purchased at Hobby Lobby (or other similar stores) for around $1.00. If you’d like to purchase one or two extras for class friends, that would be appreciated!

Parents- PLEASE check with your children to see if they need a pair of earbuds for math class. We have MANY kids who have lost theirs or leave them at home daily. We use earbuds everyday, and they should be left at school. They can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.00 and almost any other store for a few dollars. Thank you so much for your help with this!

***When sending money to the cafeteria for extras (like ice cream), please send money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and grade level, my name, and the amount of money enclosed. The cafeteria workers will not allow students to just hand them money as they go through the line. Also, I do not have enough envelopes to give one to each student each time he or she brings money. If you send money ahead of time (like $10 or $20), the cafeteria will add it to the student’s account, and money can be deducted each time an “extra” is purchased.***

Please download the Remind app and text @ea89b2e to 81010 for class announcements and reminders!

Please check the HOMEWORK tab for weekly homework assignments and math-related updates! 🙂