Deadlines for K – 11th Students: 

·         Virtual instruction ends for all K – 11th-grade students on Friday, May 8th.

o   There has been a miscommunication that instruction ends on Monday, May 4th – not true.  Teachers should continue to teach until May 8th.

·         JGradebook will close for all K – 11th-grade students on Monday, May 18th, at midnight.

o   The period from May 8th to May 18th gives school teams the opportunities to run classroom grade reports, review students who are in danger of failing, verify that grades for virtual instruction were added correctly, convene virtual SBLC meetings, etc.

o   The district will be sending guidance on promotion and retention within the next few days.  This information will guide SBLC chairpersons as they lead teams making decisions

·         Report cards will be processed on May 26th, and you will receive further information soon regarding how these will be sent/delivered to schools.

Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom daily under each date. I am using Caddo Home Learning as our pacing guide.  Thank you for your continued support at home.

Week of Monday, March 16 (classes begin Tuesday, March 17)

Wow! What a way to start off the 4th Nine Weeks!  I sent home Grammar Workshop and Wordly Wise workbooks.  I will be assigning lessons from these workbooks as well as some classwork will be posted to Google Classroom. Students should already know how to sign into Google Classroom because they’ve used it in Math, Computer Lab, and ELA. The code to join each ELA class is:

Salvail: wlto3c2

Lopez: pljjgnq

Pierce: zr3itft

 ***Make sure to tell the kids to hit “Submit” after they complete assignments or it won’t send their work to me! ***
I will also be assigning some Study Island lessons and some Nearpod lessons.  Students know how to log in to both using their Classlink account.
My “office hours” have been set by administration and I will be available to answer emails between 10 am and 12 pm, Monday- Friday. Each assignment will have a due date listed and I’ll grade assignments and enter them into JCampus as usual. Please stay safe and let my eager eagles know I love them! 🙂

Come Sail Away to 3rd Grade ELA!