The grammar homework page will stay the same from week to week. We will target a specific skill each week. This week we are talking about quotation marks and dialogue in a sentence. We have learned about different sentence types (simple, compound, complex). We will talk about this mentor sentence daily and do different things with the mentor sentence. We are doing it together for the next couple weeks. We will also complete the assessment together this Friday. We went over the homework sheet today and I’m getting them to bring home their blue notebooks to show what we are doing each day.

Mentor sentences area great way to teach grammar and author’s craft through examples of excellent sentences from student’s favorite read-aloud books.  In starting to implement more grammar into daily instruction, students will have a grammar box to complete nightly. Grammar homework will be due Friday and they will have a quiz on Friday, too!

 **DEAR Day will be Wednesday, February 26th after their Vocabulary Test.

**AR Cutoff is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28** Students must have 12 points with at least 80% comprehension.

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