Can my child celebrate their birthday at school?

Your child will be given a date on the snack calendar on or near 
their birthday. Birthday parties are not permitted at school; 
however,you may send a simple birthday snack on your child's 
scheduled snack day that he/she can pass out to their friends. I have found 
that iced cookies are usually the very best option. Cupcakes are okay.Please do 
NOT send goodie bags, drinks, presents, cake, etc. 

We will sing to your child and they will receive a birthday crown 
and small gift from Mrs. Minton on their special day. 

You may send birthday invitations to school IF you are 
inviting all of the students in our class.

Summer birthdays will be celebrated near the end of the school year.
 June  and July birthdays will have a special day to celebrate and August
 birthdays will have a special day to celebrate. More details will be provided 
at Back to School Night and closer to the special snack days

 May I come eat lunch with my child?

Yes, we would love to have you join us for lunch any day at 
11:00.  Please wait for your child in the hall near the cafeteria
and join us as we pass. Also, please make sure your child is aware that 
you will be leaving right after lunch and they will be staying at school.

We ask that the first week of school that you do not come to 
lunch simply because we are learning the routines and procedures for the 
cafeteria. After a week, the children will know what to do and 
where to sit, and the time that it takes for us to go through the line will 
be greatly reduced. Then would be a great time to begin joining us for
lunch if you would like. Thank you for understanding

Can my child bring toys from home?

NO, we have many toys and educational materials to keep us busy 
during the day.

How should I send money to school?

Please send money in an envelope labeled with your child's name, 
"Minton", and the purpose for the money.  Each type of money 
(lunch, pizza, etc.) should be in a seperate labeled envelope.
The money generally goes to different locations, so seperate labeled 
envelopes are necessary, not just suggested. Some items, such as t-shirts and yearbooks,
can also be purchased on Pay-For-It. Please send a copy of the receipt to school
if you do so.

Should I write my child’s name in their coat, jacket, etc?

Yes, please!  The Eden Gardens sweatshirts, fleeces, etc. all 
look alike and all outer wear should be labled inside with first 
and last name.

Can my child have a pillow or blanket at nap time?

No, due to a lack of space.  However,your child may wear a 
sweater or fleece during nap time if desired.

May my child have a rolling backpack?

Preferably NOT.  These are DISCOURAGED because very often they do 
not fit in the lockers. If they do, it is usually very difficult 
for the students to get them in and out of their lockers.

When will my child be the Starfish?

Each child will have a week during the school year to be our "star"fish. 
A note will be sent home just prior to your child's special week. 
Below is a copy of the note that you will be receiving when your child is 
chosen. If you and your child would like to begin making his/her board 
and have it ready ahead of time for when he/she is chosen, you are welcome 
to do so.

Congratulations!  It’s your child’s turn to be “The ‘Star’fish” for 
the week of _______________________.  Your child will be featured on 
the special bulletin board in our classroom.  This special focus on 
one child and family per week strengthens self-esteem and helps us 
learn more about our varied backgrounds, cultures, and interests.

Please help your child make a poster telling about himself to display
in our classroom during this special week.  On the poster, please include
information and illustrations about the topics below and also photographs 
of the child and family.  We will be sure to return this poster to you.  
Thank you very much. We look forward to learning more about your special one. 

My birthday is _____________________________________.  
I was born in ______________________________________.
An interesting place I have visited is ____________________.
My favorite book is _________________________________.
I wish I could learn to _______________________________.
This is a picture of my family.
Here is what I like to eat.
This is how I like to play.
This is what my family does for fun.