Third Grade Book Reports (1st semester)

Book reports are a great way for students to read and share quality literature. During the school year, third grade students will read and report on three books. Students will earn a grade on their report. The books chosen MUST correlate to your child’s ZPD level and be approved by the ELA teacher (Mrs. Madole). Excluded are books that are movies or available on video/DVD. Below is a list of each type of report and the dates due. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Pumpkin Character Book Report- Focus on Character Development

Choose a book that has a main character. After reading it, complete the book report form (provided by the teacher). Then decorate a pumpkin (real or decorative) to resemble a character from the book. The book does NOT have to be Halloween related. Please do not carve the pumpkin as it will rot too quickly. It is best to paint or glue items on it. You will give your oral presentation to the class. These pumpkins will be taken to Pumpkins Shine on Line the following day!

Due Date: October 22, 2018


Decorate an Ornament Book Report-Focus on Setting

Let’s “trim the tree” with beautiful ornaments illustrating the setting (where and when the story takes place) of a book! The book does not need to be a Christmas book but instead needs to be a book with a setting that is significant to the story. If a book does not have a clear or specific setting, do NOT choose it for your report. You will be given a book report form and a die-cut ornament. Use crayons, markers, paint, foam, cutouts, cotton, ribbon, and more to decorate the ornament to represent the books setting. You will give an oral presentation to the class.

Due Date: December 12, 2018