Dear Parents,


I am delighted to be your child’s first grade teacher! I have been teaching school for 24 years. This will be my 20th year to teach first grade and it is my very favorite! I am looking forward to working with you to provide the best possible learning experience for your child.


It is my mission to create a positive, nurturing environment in which every child can be successful. Your child will be learning through fun and challenging hands-on experiences. Also, I have strived to create a literature- rich environment which will help your child develop a love of reading. Most of all, we will enjoy growing and learning together in first grade!


I will be communicating with you often about our classroom plans and your child’s progress. You will receive a weekly progress report with graded papers every Tuesday in our Tuesday Folders. Please discuss and review these papers with your child and sign and return on Wednesday. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to send me a note, leave a message at school, or email me at


I really look forward to sharing this year with you and your child. Please plan to be at our First Grade Open House on Thursday, August 15th at 6:00. Many ideas and suggestions will be shared with you to make this a successful and rewarding year. See you then!!



Becky Lary