Wish List

  The following items would be deeply appreciated.

1. Clorox Bleach Wipes/Lysol/Antibacterial Gel

2. Treats for Friday ticket prizes  (Full size individual packages of 
   skittles, starbursts, sour punch 
   straws, or air heads, smarties, dum drums,or individual bags of chips,plain M&M's,

3. Rolls of paper towels

4. White cardstock

5. Labels (Avery 8163 and 5160)

6.School Aids or Teachers Pay Teachers (online) Gift Cards  (I buy ALOT 
of activities from www.teacherspayteachers.com for my class.)

7. At anytime, you may see Lindsey Roberts (secretary) and place 
donations on my class account.  I can purchase things such as items needed for Science experiments, rewards for students, ink, etc.  and turn the 
receipts in to Lindsey for reimbursement.