Can my child celebrate their birthday at school?

Your child will be assigned snacks on their birthday or a day
near their
birthday. You may send a snack that your child will be able to
pass out to
their friends. You may send birthday party invitations IF you are
all of our friends. We sing to your child, they wear a birthday
crown and
they will receive a treat from Mrs. Gilliam.

May I come eat lunch with my child?

Yes, we would love to have you join us for lunch any day at
12:15. Just meet us in the cafeteria!
make sure your child is aware you will be leaving right after
lunch and they
will be staying at school.

Can my child bring toys from home ?

NO, we have many toys and educational materials to keep us busy
during the

If my child has unfinished work in his folder, what should I do?

Please require your child to complete the classwork from that day
at home
that night, and return in their folder the next day.

Should I write my child’s name in their coat, jacket, etc?

Yes, please! The Eden Gardens sweatshirts,fleeces, etc all look
alike and
all outer wear should be labeled inside with first and last name.

Will my child need anything special for running club?

Running club t shirts will be sold but your child is not required
purchase one. Children must wear tennis shoes to participate in

Will I know when the end of the book test is given?

No, we take parts of the test one day and complete the next day.

Do most parents attend Field day?

Yes! Memories are made on this day. Soak up the
is almost at the end. But a new beginning comes way too
soon….First Grade!

what is a spirit shirt?

We call our eden gardens tee shirt our spirit shirts. They will
be sold
soon after school begins. The children may wear this spirt shirt
Friday and on field trips. If you only purchase one shirt,
please make sure
it is a short sleeve as we all wear this shirt on field day in

If my child wakes up ill, what should I do?

call the school office 861-7654 and they will inform the
teacher. If you
would like to come by school and pick up notes, work, etc for the
day, just
tell the office so I can have it ready for you.

What if my child usually rides the bus home and I plan to pick them up ?

Please send a note in your child’s folder saying you will pick
them up.
Please put the date on the note! If your plans change DURING the
day, call
the school office before 2:30.

what kind of snacks should I send on my child’s snack day?

Please send 20 items exactly the same. It should be something
your child can
pass out. No juice or drinks of any kind for snacks.

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