April 18, 2019

As I write this, the thunder is roaring and rain is pounding the house! Although inconvenient for many of us, field day will be more enjoyable next Friday, same time and same shirt! After our week of testing this week and next, our class will be glad to have a day of play.  We are also looking forward to the 2 field trips we have arranged. Be certain to sign and return the permission slips and send $6.00 for Gators and Friends. Keep a look out for summer birthday celebrations we will have in May  for the June, July birthdays. Also be expecting a parent volunteer tea invitation as well as details concerning our end of year party. Enjoy your holiday break and I pray the weekend holds blessings for you and your family.

April 4, 2019

We have sent several notes home this week in regards to next week’s performances as well as future field trips and field day.  The shirts for the program will be sent home Monday for the students to wear Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Thank you to Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Hicks for coming up to help with the shirts at the last moment.  Mrs. Johnson will be calling on you to help in many ways for the field day, and other end of year activities. You have been so helpful all year long. I can always count on the Busy Bee crowd to show up!!

March 14, 2019

What a wet and wonderful week we have had. Tomorrow is going to be one of those best days ever!  I have planned several activities to help celebrate our second SOAR party.  Please read the note to know what to pack for their day.  Be sure to send the take home readers back so we can share them in our reading circles. I will send home another reader on Monday. Please label any money you send with my name and your child’s name and what the money is for.  We are asking for the $10 for the performance to be paid by Wednesday, March 20.  Tacos tomorrow for $3.00, a fund raiser for 5th grade finale. Thanks for all you do. We are truly blessed in the Garden…


March 3, 2019

IMPORTANT ADDITION : we added our annual Kite Day to March 7, Thursday at 2:00.  Please send your child to school with an assembled kite as we will have activities to include the kites with each child.  Please meet us at 2:00 on the playground to meet your child’s 5th grade buddy and join in the fun of kite flying…weather permitting.


Happy EGM Valentine’s Day! We love our students and our parents!

February 10, 2019

This coming week is full of loving thoughts. Have your child bring their decorated valentine box Monday, Feb. 11. A shoebox will work well; please allow for the top to be removed for easier access when distributing valentines.

On Tuesday, your child may bring their valentines. Please do NOT label with individual student names. Only write your child’s name on each valentine.

On Thursday, we will share a snack with our 5th grade buddies.  Please do not send individual gifts for our buddies as each Kindergartner will prepare a goodie bag filled with the candy many of you sent last week.  The students will make a card for their buddies.

PRESIDENTAL REPORTS- I ask that you allow your child to add/draw a picture of their selected president on the report. Please keep these reports until our return on February 21 and allow your child to “practice” reciting the information they learned about their president.  Each child will share their information with their classmates.  Practice their sharing of information, build confidence and knowledge about this president. Help them to become familiar with the significance of this historic figure.

February 1, 2019

Be certain you let your child check their shadow tomorrow for Groundhog’s Day.

Help! We got caught being good and need more Friday treats please. There are many cute Valentine treats in bags of 12. Do be a sweetheart and consider contributing to our Friday treasure chest,

January 31, 2019

Today was a great way to say good bye to January.  Our 100th Day of School was a fun celebration of Learning the EGM way with our friends. Ask your child about visiting the other classes and who came down our hallway to visit us…hint: the cutest 100 year olds in our building:)

Thank you for making sure your child has a warm jacket on these cold days.  We will not go outside if the temperature is below 42 degrees, or if it is windy to add to the cold temperature.  Also, thank you for coming to help in the classroom. I have the best group of volunteers who show up or get another to take your place.  You are awesome and the students LOVE the opportunity to learn together with you.

Be looking for information about the upcoming production of Go Fish, our Kindergarten Round Up program.  Also, there are several projects we have with our valentine’s day and president’s day as well as the winter break.  Progress reports come home next Wednesday.

December 20, 2018

Dear Parents,

I do so appreciate the effort put forth towards the success of our class Christmas party. The children enjoyed their chance to decorate and taste the holiday cookie, create a personal photo frame, play several rounds of holiday bingo and finally build a delicious 2D paper gingerbread house.  Your helping hands assured each child successfully and happily participated in all the party offered.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: This must have been the theme for my gift basket presented to me during the celebration. I will be able to enjoy the fluffy Sherpa throw, nibble my tasty sweet and salty popcorn, and eat a delicious lunch at one of my favorite eateries Bistro to Go. Thanks to your generosity, I will be able to do some shopping and enjoy a spa day before returning to our second half of our 2019 school year.  I will be looking for class costumes for housekeeping and a new baby family to place in the crib for care.  The children were especially excited about the very cool marker holder I hope to place in our stamping center.

My wish for each of you is to make memories with your family during this special time of year. Take lots of photos and seal them in your heart…God bless each of you.


With Gratitude,

Mrs. Gilbert




This has been quite a week in the Garden! Our Busy Bees have been buzzing up and down the hallway, making projects, preparing for our week of testing and enjoying the signs of the holidays. The teachers and staff were supported in our sadness with the loss of Brooklynn Dunn by our parents who prepared several meals to serve us as a faculty and helping with our classes so we could participate and support the Dunn family at the Thursday services.

Today was an opportunity to join together with our 5th grade buddies to enjoy the magic of The Polar Express. Thank you to so many who have come to be extra hands to help in all our efforts.

I hope many of you can join us for the class party on Tuesday at 1:30. The children will be happy with their holiday games and treats.


Thank you to the many parents who worked to  make our Learning Carnival a success. The parent costumes were as creative as the students! I hope you enjoyed the day with your little learner. They certainly did:)



REMINDER: Students will wear their costume to school on Wednesday. If the costume has additional items such as wings or mask, you may bring that with you when you come.


You heard us! Thank you for sending ice pop money and ice cream money labeled with your child’s name, my name, and what the money is for.  Thank you helping with this small yet significant issue.

Jackets and cold weather- the fleeces should arrive shortly.  This si the Eden Gardens dress policy about warm clothing.  In the classroom, it must be red, white or blue without athletic logo.  Outside your child may wear any colored warm clothing, coat jacket.  PLEASE label all outerwear…the lost and found brims with misplaced clothing:)



Spirit shirts were sent home Wednesday. Check your child’s backpack and let them wear it on Thursday this week for our spirit day, since students will be out on Friday.  After that, spirit shirts may be worn Fridays with uniform bottoms and on our field trips.


Thank you for attending the conferences yesterday.  Our principal makes time for this, gets our subs and prepares a spot for four days of meetings!  We are grateful to have at least a brief one on one meeting about your child. I hope you felt it was beneficial.  I have sent the copy of the conference notes today; please keep them handy for reference. Report cards will go home upon our return next week.  Enjoy the time with your families – stay safe and we shall see each other rested and ready to play:)


REMINDER: yearbook pictures tomorrow. wear uniform


We have had many firsts this Friday. We had our first ice pop sale-we only have time to eat one, so please send 50 cent next time or make additional money a donation for the 5th grade class’s fundraiser.  We met our fifth grade buddies-like at first sight. Our first Leader in Me morning routine, which went well. Some reminders:

Send all monies in a labeled envelope so we can keep a record. Today I had to stop to provide several baggies, markers, and such which takes time away from our classroom routine. Thank you for being thoughtful about this request.

When your child’s name is on the snack calendar for a birthday, please provide the snack for that day. It can be whatever your child would like to celebrate their birthday, that can be served individually like a cookie, a cupcake, If you have a cookie cake, please come prepared to cut and serve.  Drinks are not required nor are treat bags. Parents do not have to be present-you may send this treat with your child.

Ice cream will be served in the cafeteria next Friday and all Fridays following. To get ice cream during lunch, your child:

  1. must eat a cafeteria hot lunch
  2. have 75 cents in a marked envelope or money on their account.
  3. there will be one selection and only one serving.  The mother in me makes your child eat some of their lunch before eating their ice cream…sweets really do curtail the appetite.

Enjoy the weekend and sharpen your saw, the LIM way!  Gratefully, Mrs. Gilbert


What a great start to this school year. Our Busy Bees are settling in nicely and getting to know their new friends better each day. We have experienced many firsts these past two weeks, with more new adventures ahead.  Please check the school calendar as well as my sight for important dates coming.

The volunteer meeting went so well that the September Volunteer Calendar filled up that very morning!  I chose to give everyone an opportunity to come who expressed an interest, so made some adjustments to the assigned dates. Please let me know of a conflict, or look ahead in October when a better date may be scheduled. I am grateful for the overwhelming interest in helping with our young friends! I will send home a copy of both September calendars since this is our first time to utilize them.  In the future I will only be posting them on this website unless you specifically request a paper copy.

See you in the hallways:) Gratefully, Mrs. Gilbert


Dear Parents,

We had a smooth first day with our new Busy Bees. I spoke to or left messages for each of you relaying the events of the day. I am including photos to let you have a glimpse into this special day. Come Monday, your child will come to class by themselves. If one of our little friends is anxious, there are many people in carpool ready and willing to help your child. Reminder: it is hot at both morning and afternoon recess.  A labeled water bottle is encouraged to help our young ones stay hydrated. We will not go outside if it gets above 92 degrees. Please check backpacks daily for notes we may send home until we begin sending the daily folders.  Thank you for attending the meeting and providing the many forms we have requested-it’s all good!


Our first class photo-a fine lookin’ bunch!

Mrs. Wilburn our counselor came to welcome us to school. We toured our school

and visited our principal Mrs. Allen who loves her Baby Eagles!

We practiced our lunchtime routine. Parents can begin joining for lunch September 4

Our porch numbers help keep us straight!

Mrs. Gilbert provided an ice cream cone-with popcorn and sprinkles. ..too hot for real

real ice cream…


but not too hot for real popsicles:)

I bet we all slept well Friday night!