August 23, 2019

We had a fabulous, fun Friday, ending with an icepop treat! This week had us accomplishing many firsts, so each week from now on will become easier for all.  I look forward to getting our rotations started with the volunteers who signed up. Remember our meeting Thursday August 29 at 8:30 to review our procedures.

Beasley and Beatrice went home for the first time today! I will send the note for student of the week next week with the first student being Erin Yuan. She will be student of the week on September 3 on our return. I go in reverse alphabetical order.  I truly enjoyed this week and it leaves no doubt I simply have the best class possible:)

So proud of a new backpack and lunchbox.  These five were awesome illustrators in their journals today!

August 22,2019

Looking good in our neighborhood! Bright eyes are shining in the Busy Bees class:)

August 20, 2019

Our first Monday went well and the students are becoming adapt at moving about our school, learning each others names and practicing sharing and taking turns with each other.  Our folders came home for the first time. Remember:

  • The papers on the left “L” are the work papers of the day. Review the concepts with your child “What did Mrs. Gilbert ask you to do? How did you share this project with your neighbor? Who was the partner you worked with?” Take these papers out daily.
  • On the right are the teacher notes, notes from the office, PTA, school-wide notes. Look through these papers, return any papers which require your attention, signature. Also send any labeled money , transportation changes on this side of the folder “R for return”. Keep any papers that do not require your signature or need to be returned to me.

Be sure to check the conduct box as we are practicing our class rules and I will be marking these boxes during this practice time. I will give many warnings and model what the desired behavior looks like. Day by day, we are building our learning community, the Eden Gardens Way:)


A glimpse into our first day of 2019-2020!

First day letter 2019 for webpage

August 16, 2019

Thanks for turning out in full force last night! We reached 100%, full tables, eager listeners:) I am looking forward to today in the Eagles Nest. You will hear from me later today. Go Eagles!

August 9, 2019

I have a very neat, quiet classroom today as I leave.  Time to get this party started! Bring on the students, the bells, the smiles,laughter, hugs. We have missed our school friends and are ready to gather for this new year.  I will not get much sleep, excited to met my new friends Sunday, August 11 at our Open House.  I have written the names of these new friends so many times I feel like I know them already. But I want to put a name with a face now.  So, I expect a full house, lots of smiles and eager faces. There is a packet on the table with your child’s name you will take with you. Please read through it. Also, if you ordered supplies through the school, your memory box is in the hallway under your child’s name-please take it as well.  I am sooo ready to meet you and your child- you are already a blessing to me!