December Testing Schedule

December 6 – Open Book Energy Pyramid Assessment

December 17 – SS Test

  • European Explorers – What were the motivations and challenges of the European Explorers that came to the new world? – in Green Binder
  • Columbian Exchange – What was the Columbian exchange ?- in Green Binder
  • Clash of Cultures – What problems can you predict will happen by looking at the map? – Moctezuma and Cortes Passages: What happened when Moctezuma met Cortes? – In Green Binder
  • All Vocabulary cards from Chapter 2 in SS Textbook – cardsin backpack

November Testing Schedule

November 14 – Sci Test (Magnet Magic Nearpod, Mohs Hardness, Heat, and Temperature Nearpod, Conduction, Radiation, Convection Foldable, Reflect and Refract Doodle Notes, Dry ice notes in Composition Notebook, I see, I wonder chart about Electic Currents in Green Binder, Science of Sublimation)

*All dates are subject to change.

September Testing Schedule

September 6 –

Science: PS1-2 Notes and Vocabulary Cards (10 Points)

Social Studies Quiz: Traits of Civilization ( 10 Points)


September 11- Science Test ( All notes and vocabulary 8/13-9/5) (20 Points)

September 13 – Social Studies Test ( All notes in composition notebook and vocabulary cards August 13-September 5, the Aztec empire map in their green binder, and Chp 1 L1 in their SS Textbook) (20 Points)


September 27- Science Quiz (Notes in Green Binder, Physical/Chemical Changes Nearpod, Mass/Weight Nearpod, Vocabulary Cards) (10 Points)


(All test and quiz date subject to change.)