March 4 – March 8


We will be continuing the carbon cycle.

Social Studies

We are finishing religious motivations for colonization.

Unit three extended response due Thursday!



No quizzes this week!

The Lost Colony of Roanoke homework due on Google Classroom March 8th!

Jamestown 3-D maps due March 18th!

January 21-25


We will be continuing on Abiotic and Biotic factors.

Social Studies

We will be continuing the early colonies in America. Where and why did colonist settle where they did?


No School Monday!

Settlement Patterns of Early Colonists Quiz on Thursday 1/24! *Subject to change*

Nearpod Homework due to Google Classroom on Feb 1

October Testing Schedule

October 2nd – Social Studies Quiz (Analyzing Aztec Maps and Artifacts, Mapping Technochtitlan)

October 9th – Science Quiz (Mohs Hardness, Claim Evidence Reasoning Writing,  and Magnetism)

October 25th – Social Studies Quiz (Chapter 1 in SS Textbook)

October 30th – Science Quiz (Solutions and Mixtures Foldable, Reflection and Refraction Doodle Notes, Conduction Handout)

September Testing Schedule

September 6 –

Science: PS1-2 Notes and Vocabulary Cards (10 Points)

Social Studies Quiz: Traits of Civilization ( 10 Points)


September 11- Science Test ( All notes and vocabulary 8/13-9/5) (20 Points)

September 13 – Social Studies Test ( All notes in composition notebook and vocabulary cards August 13-September 5, the Aztec empire map in their green binder, and Chp 1 L1 in their SS Textbook) (20 Points)


September 27- Science Quiz (Notes in Green Binder, Physical/Chemical Changes Nearpod, Mass/Weight Nearpod, Vocabulary Cards) (10 Points)


(All test and quiz date subject to change.)