April 23-26


We will be reviewing Sun’s Brightness and starting Watersheds. Quiz on Wednesday.

Social Studies

It’s a computer lab week with Mrs. Erwin


SS Chapter 3 Quiz on May 1!

The Sun Nearpod  Homework on Google Classroom Due May 4th!

Bonuses on Google Classroom Due May 6th!

All students social studies timelines and map of the Americas are due May 10th. (We’ve worked on these all year.)

Science Homework Due Oct 5

The assignment can be found in Google Classroom.

It is a Nearpod Lesson (Read Aloud). It should take no more than 30 minutes. Once you start, go all the way through and finish. You do not have to submit anything to google classroom for this assignment.

Students have thirty minutes every morning in their homeroom classes to catch up on any homework, they are allowed to do Zearn and Nearpod.

Join Google Classroom! (Students Only)


This log in is for students only. Parents: once your child logs in, I will send you a parent request that signs you up for updates and your child’s work summary. Please do not login under your child. 

Caddo Email = first/last initials + SIDNO + @my.caddoschools.org

Password = first/last initials + birthdate (2 digit month, 2 digit date, and 4 digit year ** NO LEADING 0’S)


Student:  Your Student

DOB:  12/25/2009

SIDNO:  1234567

Caddo Email:  ys1234567@my.caddoschools.org

Password:  ys12252009


Visit google.classroom.com  and join google classroom using your class code!

1st Block: xxd3pc

2nd Block: 4lb7bb

3rd Block afjft6