February 11-15


We will be continuing biomes.

Social Studies

We have a computer lab with Mrs. Erwin every day. In class, we will touch on the religious motivations of colonization.


Science Test (Energy Pyramid, Food Webs, Abiotic and Biotic Factors Test) February 14!

Kindergarten Buddies on Thursday!

Reviewing Ecosystems Nearpod Homework due to Google Classroom February 16!


January 8-11

No Tuesday folders this week!


We will be finishing up food webs and presenting Science Fair projects all week.

Social Studies

We will be moving onto the early colonies in America. Where and why did colonist settle where they did?


Science Fair is Friday!

Study for Science Quiz next Tuesday!

Nearpod Homework due to Google Classroom on Jan 18

December 10-14

Bonus Opportunities are now posted on Google Classroom!!

Science: We will be studying food webs.

Social Studies: We will be studying different perspectives of Native Americans and European Explorers in the Age of Exploration.

December 3-7

Homework: Contact with Europeans Nearpod on Google Classroom Due Friday

Science: We will finish up Energy Pyramids and move to food webs.

Social Studies: Clash of Cultures: The Aztecs and Cortes


Science Homework Due Oct 5

The assignment can be found in Google Classroom.

It is a Nearpod Lesson (Read Aloud). It should take no more than 30 minutes. Once you start, go all the way through and finish. You do not have to submit anything to google classroom for this assignment.

Students have thirty minutes every morning in their homeroom classes to catch up on any homework, they are allowed to do Zearn and Nearpod.