March 11-March 15


We will be finishing the carbon cycle.

Social Studies

We are starting the thirteen colonies.



No quizzes this week!

All about the rock cycle Nearpod homework on google classroom due March 22!

Jamestown 3-D maps due March 18th!

Carbon Cycle projects due March 22!

Carbon Cycle Projects Due on Google Classroom March 25

It’s worth 10 Points.

Student designs their own digital project using Google Slides and uploads it.

They must choose one of the topics listed.

  • How the Earth stores carbon
  • Processes that move carbon from one carbon store to another.
  •  Is there a balance between carbon in storage and carbon released?
  •  How does the carbon cycle affect the weather?
  • Does man alter the carbon cycle?
  • Geological carbon cycle
  • Biological carbon cycle

Rubric – 10 Points

2 Points – Name and Date

2 Points – Neat and words spelled correctly

2 Points – Pictures and words

2 Points – Completely finished

2 Points – Addresses topic and stays on topic

(-1 Point for every weekday that it’s late)

Jamestown 3-D Model

Students were given a packet of instructions and pieces for their Jamestown 3-D models. This project is due March 18th.

Rubric: 10 Points

1 Points – Name, Date, Number on Front

2 Points – Colored

2 Points – Followed directions

5 Points – Completely constructed (all buildings built and attached to map)

March 4 – March 8


We will be continuing the carbon cycle.

Social Studies

We are finishing religious motivations for colonization.

Unit three extended response due Thursday!



No quizzes this week!

The Lost Colony of Roanoke homework due on Google Classroom March 8th!

Jamestown 3-D maps due March 18th!