Science Homework Due Oct 5

The assignment can be found in Google Classroom.

It is a Nearpod Lesson (Read Aloud). It should take no more than 30 minutes. Once you start, go all the way through and finish. You do not have to submit anything to google classroom for this assignment.

Students have thirty minutes every morning in their homeroom classes to catch up on any homework, they are allowed to do Zearn and Nearpod.

September Testing Schedule

September 6 –

Science: PS1-2 Notes and Vocabulary Cards (10 Points)

Social Studies Quiz: Traits of Civilization ( 10 Points)


September 11- Science Test ( All notes and vocabulary 8/13-9/5) (20 Points)

September 13 – Social Studies Test ( All notes in composition notebook and vocabulary cards August 13-September 5, the Aztec empire map in their green binder, and Chp 1 L1 in their SS Textbook) (20 Points)


September 27- Science Quiz (Notes in Green Binder, Physical/Chemical Changes Nearpod, Mass/Weight Nearpod, Vocabulary Cards) (10 Points)


(All test and quiz date subject to change.)

What do I study?

Keep in mind, our social studies and science textbooks are not completely aligned to the state standards so we will heavily rely on our composition notebook and vocabulary cards.

Science: Vocabulary Cards, Notes in Composition Notebook, Printed Notes in Green Binder

Social Studies: Vocabulary Cards, Notes in Composition Notebook, Green Binder, and SS Textbook: My World