I added a class account for 5th Grade for Spelling City. 


4th 9 Weeks Wordly Wise Schedule    (Updates will be made if needed.)

If you are absent this will be your daily assignment~

Wednesdays: WW Weekly Test and Lesson A of new Lesson         Thursdays: Lesson B

Fridays: Lesson C                     Mondays: Lesson D                        Tuesdays: Lesson E and Review


Lesson 15 Test 3-15-2019              Lesson 16 Test 3-21-2019                  Lesson 17 Test 4-3-2019

Lesson 18 Test 4-24-2019              Lesson 19 Test 5-1-2019                    Lesson 20 Test 5-8-2019





2nd Semester AR Requirements: 18 points each 9 weeks, 2 biographies, 2 NF, 1 Louisiana Book, 1 Newbery  ***Must be a 70% or above to count 

Fourth 9 weeks~18 points AR Cut-Off Date May 3, 2019

~To qualify for the AR Reading Day you must have completed all 6 of the AR required reading books. This will be worth 30 points.